Dear All,
With the popularity of social media nowadays almost everyone belongs to some whatsapp group. The groups can be very helpful, but can also be very disastrous. Jeremiah grew up in Bikita and his knowledge of livestock is limited to the time he spent herding and chasing them. Yet he is the resident expert in your group including ten others. Good old Jerry sounds very knowledgeable and some of the practical solutions he offers works but the rest is just his unbridled imagination. Jerry wants to feel relevant and unfortunately he is your go to person when it comes to livestock. The blind leading the dumb.
At Zviko Farms, we know our goats, we have the goats, we have the experience, in short we are a fountain of knowledge. We are not boasting but a visit to our farm will have you boasting on our behalf. Don’t visit a barber for financial advice neither should you go to Jeremiah for goat production advice, come to the source.
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