Zviko Farms's champion boer buck  

Chelsea football club had a player by the name Drogba, Zviko farm had a goat by the name Drogba. In 2014, Marseille F.C was paid a whopping 24 million pounds for  Drogba and in 2017; Zviko farm was paid a whopping $2300 for Drogba the goat. Now for most people when they think goat farming they think of those scrawny goats that will eat your socks given the chance. At Zviko farm, we have set the standards and they are high. Goat production can be highly rewarding if done properly. We will not mention the many awards we won for fear of being accused of bragging.As we invite you  to come and join us and learn how to keep these, fine animals and get good returns. Ray Phiri said look, listen and decide and we are saying look, learn and share.

Why not come meet the remaining stars that Drogba left behind and get an insight on goat production with School of Farming Excellence. Investment - $95 only.For more information please contact Zviko Farms on +263 864420 6614, +263 731 638 374, +263 731 621 609 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.