In Partnership with development partners and Government Institutions,  training of smallholder farmers and other commercial farmers is ongoing on animal husbandry and pasture and forage production. Pastures and forage is critical for the sustainability of livestock production as pastures have now been depleted over the years. The project is primarily targeted at rural peasant farmers with a special focus on vulnerable groups such as women and youths as a  platform for sustainable breeding of livestock for poverty alleviation. The Business is producing reliable pure-breed cattle and goats to supply market to many peasant livestock farmers for them to access larger breed animals and transform into smallholder commercial livestock farmers.

The Business has also partnered with rural smallholder farmers who produce eggs for the Business on a contractual arrangement. The initiative is targeted at women smallholder farmers who are grouped into Eggs Associations of 25 members each. The Business, in collaboration with development partners,  supply each Egg Association with  point-of-lay pullets, battery cages, start-up feed, essential drugs, and on-going technical support. In turn, the Business will then buy the eggs produced by the farmers, package them and supply to its customers.

Farm Equipments

Zvikomborero Farms retails high quality layer cages from India for egg producers and very affordable prices. It has been proven that layers in cages perform at an average 15% better than those on the floor. Also available are various equipment for poultry like chick fonts, feeders, automatic drinkers and other similar equipment. Fabrication of smallholder hay baling equipment and steel holding pens can be done on order.