Zvikomborero School of FarmingOur farm training school is focused on providing valuable practical skills and knowledge on Farming as a business. The training is run by Zvikomborero Farm Experts in partnership with various key stakeholders from the Government, research institutions and private sector players. The Objectives of the training school to close the gap in knowledge, skills and poor attitude in livestock production, marketing and processing that meet the requirements of the processors and consumers of meat along the value chain who require specific product characteristics and quality.

Again, the aim is to develop skills in the producer to have a strong and sustainable competitive edge against other regional producers who have been in the market for long. And to equip the producers with appropriate skills for mitigating and adapting to effects and challenges posed by climate change.

Some Courses on offer are:

A)    General Stockman-ship – 5 days

  • Participatory approach and
  • Experiential learning

The Target beneficiaries

  • Farm operatives
  • Farm owners
  • Extension agents
  • Rural farmer groups

B)    Look Learn and Share seminars 1  day

-         A dashboard interactive approach looking at the operations

-         Targeting Farm Directors and Owners