CattleIn response to current environment of climate change, Zvikomborero saw the many economic benefits to go into goat production as  a species resilient to climate change. Thus Zvikomborero has now positioned itself as the biggest registered producer of stud and commercial goats in the various breeds like Boer, Kalahari Red, Saneens and indigenous goats. The stud animals at Zvikomborero are registered with the Zimbabwe Herd Book and are certified pure breeds.

The stud prides itself in having imported the very top genetics from world renowned breeders like Antom Bothma, Jourbet Fourie, Lukas Burger, Tolie Jordaan, Orpidak and others. Bloodlines from world champion winning bucks like Klein Baba, Pa Charlie, Pa Banana, Jackpot, 5 Star are available for those keen on breeding world class goats for both meat and breeding. The business is also cross breeding the indigenous does with the pure Boer and Kalahari Red bucks for the breeders who don’t need pure bred animals. Farmers can buy already mated and pregnant does that will kid bigger and better animals, thus improving yield per animal.

Having noted the need for skills and knowledge, Zvikomborero runs practical courses at the farm for livestock producers.