Cattle Zvikomborero FarmIn line with climate smart agriculture, Zvikomborero has moved from all other breeds it was involved in in cattle and chose Zimbabwe’s very own breed Tuli and Mashona. The business has positioned itself to become the biggest Tuli breeder of stud cattle in Zimbabwe. Tuli and Mashoma breeds are locally developed and adapted breeds and species capable of surviving and producing under conditions such as our high temperatures and less predictable rainfall patterns. To this end, Zvikomberero has bought in from the region top genetic material of bulls and heifers from renowned breeders like Gousberg, Rau Easy and Nonnie Tuli Studs. Locally, high quality bulls from top and highly experienced breeders like Jambo (Johsons)  and Fertyline (Stubs) have been bought in for Zvikomborero breeding. Zvikomborero’s seasoned experts in animal husbandry ensures that great care be always taken not to compromise the natural hardiness and adaptability of the breed.