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Zvikomborero Farm

Zvikomborero Farms (Private) Limited is an agricultural company with farming operations located 120km South of Harare, in Featherstone, Hampshire Area, in Chivhu District. The farming operations began in 1968 with cattle ranching and crop farming operated by the late Mr. Piniel Simbi, who bought the Farm then. In 1992, following the death of Mr Simbi, Divine Ndhlukula (nee Simbi) bought the Farm from her family and  began upgrading its infrastructure, expanding its scope of operations and presently, the Farm engages in a variety of farming activities including cattle, egg, goat, and crop and forage production.

The Business Objectives

- Position the Farm as a 'center of excellence' for pure breed Mashona and Tuli cattle,  Boer, Kalahari Red  and Indeginous goats;

- Grow breeding stock significantly for both commercial meat, and  livestock other commercial breeders and deployment to rural areas;

- In Partnership with development partners and Government Institutions,  the Business shares knowledge and skills by training smallholder farmers and other commercial farmers on animal husbandry and pasture and forage production.